Color Analysis

What is Color Analysis?

Color analysis is the art of determining one’s best colors. The hues that are to be found in the four seasons of nature not only complement one another but are also the same shades that form the basis of a seasonal color palette for the purpose of color analysis.

Everyone has a unique Seasonal Colorprint™ that is as individual as a fingerprint. Discovering your Seasonal Colorprint™ and then surrounding yourself with your best colors will lift your spirits, inspire creativity, and instill a self-assurance that can be found in no other way. Color Analysis is a valuable aid in understanding and appreciating yourself and others. 

Why Fab You Look™?

Our proprietary Seasonal Colorprint™ is significantly different from any other method of color analysis. The Seasonal Colorprint™ is based on the visible spectrum. Each Season has versions of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue-green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple in a specific undertone (warm or cool), clarity (light or dark) and intensity (bright or muted). 

Each of the 12 seasons is distinguished by three descriptive words: 

  • Bright Warm Spring, Warm True Spring, Light Warm Spring
  • Light Cool Summer, Cool True Summer, Muted Cool Summer
  • Muted Warm Autumn, Warm True Autumn, Dark Warm Autumn
  • Dark Cool Winter, Cool Clear Winter, Bright Clear Winter

Each color season is separate and distinct from any of the other twelve. The Color Continuum™ was created and designed to illustrate the way each season changes gradually to become the next season. 

Each of the Color Seasons has its own unique color palette. In addition to those seasonal colors, there are:

  • Icy Shades that work for all the cool seasons
  • Tropical Shades that work for all the Warm Seasons
  • Universal Shades that work for all 12 Color Seasons

Shades that might be considered “neutral” meaning that they match many other colors are drawn from the color palette of each season. Shades of beige, brown, or grey do not work when those colors are not in a seasonal color palette.

There are many unexpected and unusual hues in each of the Fab You Look™ color drapes and color palettes. Colors that have traditionally been assigned to the wrong color season have been corrected. Many seasons have had additional colors added to their palette for better representation. All these changes and revisions have not only been essential, but crucial to the creation of an accurate and precise system of color analysis.


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Style Analysis — $175

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