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Skin Care

Look younger longer! Is that not what we all aspire to do?
Well-cared for skin stays firm and flawless at every age and stage of life. Everyone benefits from a daily regimen to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin, as well as address specific needs.

An individualized regimen designed especially for you is recommended during your Custom Color Analysis.

Shop for Skin Care: Mineral Based Natural Skin Care Products with no harmful ingredients that are clinically proven to give results are the most desirable of all. The search is over! Click here to access our favorite skin care.


Makeup is a magical beauty tool! Make-up makes a woman more visible. It implies an awareness of being seen and assessed. It presents you as being someone with enough self-esteem to presume you are worthy of attention. Makeup is a confidence builder. Make-up should not cover up who you are but enhance those natural attributes that are uniquely your own. Professional makeup skills are taught during your Custom Color Analysis.


The right hairstyle can enhance your face in surprising ways. A change in hairstyle is a significant and essential way to update your total look. A great hairstyle considers not only the natural texture and growth pattern of the hair, but also the face shape, body shape, personality, and fashion sense of the client. Personal recommendations are provided during your Custom Color Analysis.