Style Analysis

Fashion Personality

What Clothing Styles within your Fashion Personality work for you? Exotic? Trendy? Avant Gard? Or something else?

Detail & Accessories

Discover the fit, the lengths, the designs, accessories, etc.—all the details that work together for each style.

Personal Presence

Recognize your own uniqueness. There is no one quite like you. No other person has exactly your coloring, your body shape, your clothing style, your hair, your personality, experience, characteristics, and your talents. You are one of a kind. Life is a voyage of self-discovery. Color and style analysis merges who you are inside with your outward expression. It is an attitude that radiates confidence, health, energy, and joy. It is that indefinable quality when your inner self and your outer self are in harmony.


Color Analysis — $325
Style Analysis — $175

Wardrobe Assessment & Client Shopping — $50/hour (3 hour minimum)

Corporate and Group Presentations — Contact us for information

Monthly Workshops — Contact us for information

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